Watermark visible after applying license

Emanuel Züger
2020-04-17 11:59

VIOSO Anyblend and VIOSO Player show a demo badge during calibration and playout when run in demo mode. This badge vanishes as soon as a valid license is applied and the application is restartet.

When the warp&blend is embedded into the deskop while in demo mode, there is a watermark embedded also. This watermark does not vanish automatically, since it is part of the data set transferred to the GPU.

To remove this watermark, first make sure that the license is applied properly and all VOISO applications are restarted. Then open the Anyblend Control Panel, click "Edit" and wait until VIOSO Core comes up with a screenshot of the calibration. You can also double check, that the applications runs fully licensed by bringing up the user interface (press F2 or call it via context menu on right mouse-click) and calling the "?" menu.

As soon as you "Close and apply", the calibration is exported without the watermark and applied to the desktop again.

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