How to I apply a serial/activation key?

Emanuel Züger
2017-01-16 12:58

Sometime you need to apply a software licensing key. Such a key is a string of 6x5 characters separated by a dash (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx). Such keys can be a serial key (issued after purchasing a product) or a multipurpose key, also called "activation key".

1. Using a serial key:

For using a serial number after purchasing a VIOSO Software solution, there is a step-by-step workflow provided. Just follow the instructions of the activation wizard:

2. Using a multipurpose key:

Such a key is issued by VIOSO for many reasons:

  • Extending a trial period
  • Software activation without internet access
  • Modifying an existing license
  • Unlocking a locked license
  • General license troubleshooting

Such keys are provided via E-Mail directly from VIOSO, a VIOSO partner or vendor. Use the VIOSO License Manager tool to apply such keys. The Licence Manager is part of VIOSO Anyblend and VIOSO Player:

  • VIOSO Anyblend: Click "License Info" (top right on the application window)
  • VIOSO Player: Menu "Help" - "Info about this program" - Click button "License"

The license manager window opens. Click the button "Activation Key" and paste the key into the form field "Activation Key". Make sure you do not misspell any character (e.g. mixing "0" and "O", or "I" and "1", etc.). We recommend to use the "copy&pase" functionality whenver possible.

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