How do I launch a one-click recalibration?

Emanuel Züger
2019-05-29 15:13

A "one-click" calibration is launched by several means:

A. Anyblend Control Panel

  1. Bring Anyblend to the front - it is accessible either in the task bar or lives as a small icon in the systray (bottom right corner of the Windows task bar)
  2. Click "calibrate" and select "one-click recalibration" to launch the sequence to recalibrate the current setup.

B. via external command (HTTP)

To trigger a recalibration sequence, Anyblend provides a HTTP network interface. As soon as this network interface is enabled, you can trigger recalibrations by sending a command from an arbitrary external source like media control systems, home automation systems, browser shortcuts, etc.

  1. Close all running instances of VIOSO Anyblend.
  2. Locate the configuration file "SpEASY.ini" for the Anyblend Control Panel. For Anyblend 5 standard install it is this path: C:\Program Files\VIOSO Anyblend 5\SpEASY.ini

  3. Open this file with Notepad and scroll down to the XML node <Network><RC_HTTP>

  4. Set the values
  5. Save the file SpEASY.ini and launch VIOSO Anyblend again. If the Windows Firewall shows a confirmation dialog, make sure to enable the communication of "SPDWEmbedder.exe" for all networks:
  6. Now the network interface is enabled and Anyblend is listening to incoming HTTP commands via TCP/IP. To execute a one-click recalibration, use this command:

    whereas "IP_OF_YOUR_SYSTEM" is the IP you have set in step 4 and which must match with the IP that is assigned to your system.

    Feedback when using a browser to trigger the recalibration procedure:
  7. Drag & drop a bookmark of this webaddress to the desktop to create a shortcut, that triggers a recalibration behaviour instantly.
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