What can I do to enable Windows Aero

Emanuel Züger
2016-11-10 12:07

What is Windows Aero?

Windows Aero is a technology introduced with Windows Vista. Aero creates the transparent decoration effects, e.g. for start menu, task bar, window headers, etc. Aero also takes care of inter display synchronization, so if Aero is enabled e tearing effects are not visible any more.

Windows Aero is the technical foundation to embed warping and blending into the Windows desktop. If there is no hardware support for warp and blend (NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Firepro graphics cards), Windows Aero is the only solution for realizing warping and blending for any application.

Windows Aero is activated by selecting a "Windows Theme". See a video how to to select an Aero theme here:

Aero ON

Aero OFF



Selecting a Windows Aero theme, but no transparency effects are visible, is a known issue. It may also happen, that Windows Aero is is visible, and after some time, or upon launching another application it gets turned off.

In such a situation no warping and bllending is possible.

Therefore it is important to monitor above mentioned effects. Knowing if a third party application turns off Aero, or if there is insufficient GPU ressources help al lot troubleshooting Windows Aero related issues.

There are a couple of guides that assist in case of Windows Aero issues:

  1. Aero troubleshooting guide by Microsoft:
  2. Solutions if Aero turns off after a while:


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