Why is upgrading to Anyblend 4.3 so special?

Emanuel Züger
2016-10-18 13:10

Though Anyblend 4.3 is a release within the "4-version" branch, it comes with a very noticable change: The licencing.

Due to a lot of reasons it was required to cut off some old strings, especially to enable a true dongle licensing and making Anyblend compatible to third party products. Therfore the licence files of Anyblend version that are already installed on a system do *not* match to Anyblend 4.3. As soon as you install Anyblend 4.3 you need a new license (serial number or dongle).

How to get a new license?

As a regular customer of Anyblend 4, you get your new license free of charge. Please contact info@vioso.com and provide the serial key that you used to license your version of Anyblend.

Can I run old and new Anyblend version parallel on one PC?

Yes. Installing and licensing Anyblend 4.3 leaves an existing Anyblend version untouched. We recommend that you run both versions parallel in case of any issues. The only thing you must take care is to select only one Anyblend instance for auto startup.

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