When do I need display masks?

Emanuel Züger
2018-10-05 10:39

Display masks should be used to prevent bad dots during the scan. Bad dots lead to bad alignment and mapping. . Bad dots are:

  • heavy distorted dots
  • crooked dots
  • elliptical dots

The scanning method "flat screen" and "curved screen" offer extensive interpolation- and extrapolation methods to "fill" missing dots. Masked dots are therefore reconstructed mathematically.

There is a tradeoff between bad dots and masked dots. If too many dots are masked, interpolation and extrapolation also causes issues. So it must be considered on-premise which kind of masking makes sense.

Masks are drawn during the calibration procedure, if the appropriate option is set:

A masked result should look like this:

We recommend to explore the post-scanning options (available from Anyblend 5) to review the impact of the mask on the scanning results as well as to adjust the behaviour of the extrapolation algorithm.

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