"The projection surface could not be identified." What is wrong?

Dr. Sergey Kovyryalov
2017-05-05 13:04

In some cases, when you start the camera based calibration the message appears: 

"The projection surface could not be identified. If this is intended, push the NEXT button. Otherwise clock on the BACK button and adjust the camera." 

The reasons of this issue is in the camera misoperation. 

  1. Camera image is too dark to detect and projection. Re-adjust the camera. Check how to do it in User manual of Calibrator.
  2. IDS camera works on 100 Mbits/s. Control if the network adapter, and switches and hubs are 1Gbits/s compatible. Check the cable for the 1Gbit/s compatibility. Note, that sometimes broken ports or cables can continue to work, but drop the bandwidth from 1000 to 100 Mbits/s.
  • You can also chack this in the IDS camera manager. Select you camera and check the expert view. In the list of camera parameters you will find the bandwidth you camera is using. It should be 1000Mbits/s


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