Camera image is flipped

Emanuel Züger
2017-01-23 10:49

VIOSO Player and VIOSO Calibrator, which is part of the VIOSO Anyblend Software, uses DirectShow to access live camera streams. Depending on how this stream is formatted by the camera, it can appear flipped in the calibration settings.

Usually this is not a big issue, since the content orientation can be adjusted after a calibration, so you can simply go on and calibrate using a flipped image and use the "mirror" feature of the warping.

However, since it still can be annoying to work on a flipped image, you can set a value so that all incoming video streams are permanantly flipped. To do so, you need to access the programs main configuration file of VIOSO Calibrator. Learn here how to locate these files:

How to change the horizontal flipping mode:

1. Look for this lines in SPeASY.ini:

<DSHapi   bFlipImage="0"

2. Set the value bFlipImage="1" to have the image mirrored horizontically.

3. Save the file, copy/override the existing file and restart VIOSO Calibrator or VIOSO Player to activate its effects.

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