Which cameras can I use for calibration in Vioso Player or Vioso Anyblend?

Dr. Sergey Kovyryalov
2017-01-04 17:57

There are several types of camera supported by Vioso Calibrator:  

1. uEye cameras from IDS. This is recommended camera for calibration. It is professional industrial computer vision sensor 

  • Interchangeable lens – big variety of optics allows to perform calibration in different conditions
  • Long distance (up to 100m) between camera and server makes it use very handy – since  IP streaming with PoE is used – simple and cheap cat5/cat6 cable will do the job
  • Sensor high quality and sensitivity
  • Cost


2. USB webcamera. For a small and not demanding installation you can use even simple usb web camera.

  • Low cost
  • High availability
  • Short usb cable connection usually about 2-2.5 m
  • Limitation of the optics (lens cannot be changed)


3. Any digital camera (DSLR, dashcameras) via video cable connection. If you will equip your vioso server with Datapath Vision capture card you will be able to use any camera you want if it can be connected to capture cards with hdmi/dvi/dp/sdi cables


  • Freedom in selection of camera and lenses
  • Good frame quality
  • High availability
  • Cable limitation hdmi/dvi/dp around 15m max.
  • Datapath Vision capture card is required


4. Any digital camera via USB connection.

Many digital cameras, including DSLR like Nikon or Canon, can be also used for calibration, connected with a USB cable to the vioso server. For this purpose camera has to operate in the web-camera mode. Some of the camera has this mode in their firmware. Most of camera doesnot have this  mode so different third-party softwre can be use for this conversion:

Please note, that since there are so much types, brands and models of the cameras, as well as a lot of third-party software converters we cant test all of them, so we can not garantee that your camera will work for calibration. Please perform some tests before.


 5. Different IP-cameras (IP, cctv etc).

These days there is a lot of  IP-cameras provided with the software which can stream a video using the Directshow framework which is required for Vioso Calibrator, in this case this camera can be used for calibration (for example AXIS ip-cameras and its AXIS Streaming Assistant).  If there is no such a software provided by the camera manufacturer you can use this converter:


It converts MJPEG stream into Directshow video source in Windows.

If you are going to use this option of IP cameras please consider these important points:

  • Only a few of IP cameras were tested for calibration so we can not garantee that the camera you have will be fully supported by Vioso Calibrator. Please run through the tests before decision making and project proving.
  • A lot of IP cameras have no fully manual mode which is strongly required for the calibration. These camera have only automatic control of gain, exposure or focus which makes them impossible to use for the calibration. Full manual mode is required.
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