How can I create a test pattern?

Dr. Sergey Kovyryalov
2016-08-19 13:12

1. Get the screen dimensions and aspect ratio

2.  Make sure your projectors overlap equidistantly. Then put removable markers on the screen. Do it with an equal step horizontally and vertically.
d1 = d2 = d3 = d4 ...
e1 = e ...

3. Now create a test pattern. You can use the service provided on our webpage:

Define the parameters of the test pattern:

  • display size of an individual projector
  • display topology
  • overlap size in pixels


4. Run the projector calibration. While adjusting the projector alignment match the testing pattern with the markers on the screen. This ensures a geometricaly correct mapping, which is mandatory for smooth movements and correct image display.


Tags: mapping, test pattern, warping
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