IDS Camera shows black screen. How can I fix this?

Dr. Sergey Kovyryalov
2019-04-30 14:01

 There are different reasons of such behaviour so we will go through all of them starting from very obvious.

1.       Check if the camera cap is still on.  Yes, yes it happens so often, so its definetely worth to check one more time.

2.       Check the camera adjustments.  Both mechanical and software: it can be that black screen is simply way too dark image that camera streams to you. Make sure the iris of the lens is not totally closed. In driver settings (buttons Format and Options) reduce fps and increase exposure times until you will see the image.  

3.        Directshow Filter problems.   When everything else is checked, the reason of black image stream can be the DirectShow failure. This can be double check using following steps:

1.       Use AMCap Direct show tester.

It comes preinstalled with every VIOSO software. Run the AMCap, select you camera in devices and start Preview. You will see right away if the picture is not shownor even some error message comes up. In the meantime, you can monitor the connection to the camera in IDS camera manager: if you notice that camera dissapears for a short moment when directshow filter is initialised – its an indication of the problem.

2.       In VIOSO Calibrator, if the software cannot get the image from direct show, you will notice also the masking tools are blacked out in the “Adjust Camera” dialog.

  Here are steps which can help you to solve this problem. Any of this single steps can help. Please check if the camera starts to work, after each step, so you wont need to perform further steps.

1.       Reinstall  the IDS driver. To make it in a proper way

a.       Perform a clean uninstall first

b.       Reboot

c.       Install the driver again

2.       Disable Gigabit Ethernet uEye Filter driver for the other network adapter which are not used  

3.       Assign persistant IP adress to a camera. To do so, go to Manual ETH configuration for the selected camera in IDS Camera Manager

4.       Reinstall the Gigabit Ethernet uEye Filter driver, because sometimes there is a older version active und that doesn’t work together


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