10 easy steps for setting up NVIDIA Quadro based systems without issues

Emanuel Züger
2019-04-15 11:49

Setting up workstations and servers using NVIDIA Quadro GPUs can be troublesome. We have experienced  bluescreens, sudden system slowdown, lack of features, etc., so we like to share our experience how to deal with such systems.

If a system does not behave properly, and if this behavior is connected with the usage of NVIDIA Quadro (e.g. operating the control panel), we recommend a clean reainstall. These are symptoms:

  • GPUs missing in NVIDIA system topology
  • Connected displays not showing up in Windows, but listed in NVIDIA system topology (check adaptors and signal cables first)
  • NVIDIA control panel works very slowly
  • NVIDIA control panel nearly empty, not showing the usual set of features
  • Bluescreen when operating with NVIDIA features (e.g. setting up Mosaic)
  • Other anomalies

A clean reinstall and system configuration requires 10 steps:

  1. Disable and Mosaic setting and perform a complete uninstall. You can use the driver setup located in C:\NVIDIA or download the recommended driver (see here)
  3. Use the driver setup in C:\NVIDIA and perform a driver installation. Install just the driver, nothing else (unmark all checkboxes).
  5. Set EDIDs for all connected projectors (how does this work)
  7. Setup Mosaic (how does this work)
  9. If everything looks good and behaves well, create a system image for backup and rollback
  10. REBOOT

It is important to make all reboots.

This workflow avoids nearly always anomalies, bluescreens, slow down, corrupted settings, etc. Now the real work with Anyblend & Co. can begin.

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