What do I have to prepare for remote support session?

Dr. Sergey Kovyryalov
2016-08-19 15:32

Please check with the folloring list if you have everything ready for the remote session with Vioso expert.

1. Workstation

2. Projectors

  • number projectors according to your installation have to be ON and connected to the PC (or PCs)
  • Projectors are installed, focused and display image.
  • the have sufficient overlap (15-20%)

3. Camera

  • all drivers are installed
  • camera is checked and works (see here How to check the camera)
  • for the IDS Ethernet camera, make sure camera is connected to a dedicated Gigabit network adaptor

6. Vioso Software

  • download and install it from here http://vioso.com/downloads.php
  • make sure the software is running without major issues like expired license, wron hardware, etc.

7. Teamviewer Software

8. Skype or telephone for live talk

  • Skype is a good option for live voice talk. It is better to have it on a separate PC (/laptop/tablet/smartphone).
  • Provide us with your skype username prior to the session, so that we can do the approvement in time

9. Prepare the setup

  • In order to have a maximum productive session, please prepare as much as you can: dim the room light, start the projectors, align them on the screen, etc.
  • If you have issues, please prepare the system to demonstrate the issues
  • Content is king! Everything we do is depending on the final content, so make sure that the content is available (original, preview, etc.)
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