What is AVIO that is available with WINGS VIOSO?

Dr. Sergey Kovyryalov
2017-06-13 11:21

WINGS AVIO is the network communication infrastructure developed by AV Stumpfl that connects all software products (e.g. WINGS VIOSO, WINGS Touch) and hardware (e.g. WINGS Engine, WINGS IOBox). It allows bidirectional realtime control and feedback.

Wings Avio is a network protocol and control logic system. It allows to bring all devices of an AV installation like media servers, show controllers, lights, effects, projectors, switchers etc to the same abstraction layer. All devices ports and controls show up automatically in a tree view topology of the network and can be „wired“ to each other using a simple Drag n Drop editor (Avio Manager).

You can get a detailed information about all features supported here

There are different licenses of the software:

  • Wings Avio Basic – free license available with the Wings software download
  • Wings Avio Lite – is included with Wings Vioso Lite software
  • Wings Avio Advanced – is included with Wings Vioso Pro
  • Wings Avio Pro
  • Wings Avio Premium

You can find out what is the difference between licenses here.

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