VIOSO Player and VIOSO Integrate for multiple projectors - what system requirements?

Emanuel Züger
2019-07-02 17:41

VIOSO Player and VIOSO Integrate are made for maximum flexibility. Therefore the system requirements are very moderate, though we have some valuable recommendations, especially if you plan to use VIOSO Player to driver multiple projectors for smooth video playback.
VIOSO Integrate typically lives next to powerful media server and visualization applications that wield their own system requirements.

Basic requirements:

  compatible recommended
operating system Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 10
Windows 10
graphics card NVIDIA GeForce
AMD Radeon
AMD FirePro
AMD FirePro
optional: Video signal expanders Matrox Dualhead2Go
Matrox Triplehead2Go
Datapath X4
Datapath FX4
optional: Video capture cards (one channel at a time) Datapath VisionSC Range
Datapath VisionAV Range
Datapath Vision Range
Blackmagic Intensity Pro/4K*
Blackmagic DeckLink
Datapath VisionDVI-DL

*) Note: Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle is not supported!


This table shows the capabilites of the different PC configuration that we encounter actually:

graphics card series EDID Emulation
Display spanning recomm. model
VIOSO rating
Mosaic M series


With integrated EDID Emulation and desktop spanning across multiple GPUs this GPU is most versatile and will create the best VIOSO Player experience. Max. 16 outputs per PC supported.

Eyefinity W series


With integrated EDID Emulation and desktop spanning this GPU will create the best VIOSO Player experience for up to 6 projectors per PC.

Eyefinity Radeon RX series


Offering display spanning for up to 6 projectors per PC makes Radeon GPUs versatile at comparable low costs.

Surround GTX series


No EDID emulation and limited features for display spanning makes this GPU our least recommended one.

A second thought must go towards the content. VIOSO Player supports a vast amount of video codecs, but in general the bottleneck is the decoding performance of your PC. Another FAQ entry will deal with recommended codecs for use with VIOSO Player.

If in doubt, make a test on your designated PC system with the content you want to display. We offer a free demo of VIOSO Player, that provides exactly the same performance like a registered version.

Visit to get a demo of VIOSO Player.

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