How to run VIOSO Player for Autostart?

Emanuel Züger
2017-02-23 22:24

You can configure VIOSO Player for unattended installations:

  • Run on system startup
  • Load a calibration and run in fullscreen
  • Play a list of content in loop or show the live input

There are only few steps to achieve this:

  1. Complede any calibration and warping
  2. Set source:
    • Populate playlist, make settings for looping, etc.
    • Or set to Live Input 
  3. Set Player un fullscreen
  4. While Player is playing, select Menu / File: "Activate Autoloading on startup"
  5. Now the calibration is copied to _Startup.sps
    • Now the calibration is copied to _Startup.sps
    • each time Player starts, _Startup.sps is loaded and the situation at the time when saving is recreated
  6. Put Player in Autostart

The next time you start VIOSO Player, it produces the output that you have configured without any further interaction required.

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