VIOSO Player for single displays - what system requirements?

Emanuel Züger
2017-02-23 22:24

VIOSO Player was made for maximum flexibility. Therefore the system requirements are very moderate, especially when driving just one output.

If you operate the show, we strongly recommend to use a dedicateddisplay for the user interface and a secondary output of the graphics card for driving the output. It is one of the great features of VIOSO Player to support this professional configuration.

For fixed installations where the player starts automated, there is no immediate need for such an operator's display.

These are our recommendations for single output configurations

  compatible recommended
operating system Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1
Windows 10
Windows 7
graphics card NVIDIA GeForce
AMD Radeon
AMD FirePro
Integrated GPUs (Intel Iris, GeForce M, etc)
AMD Radeon
optional: Video capture cards (one channel at a time) Datapath VisionSC Range
Datapath VisionAV Range
Datapath Vision Range
Blackmagic Intensity Pro/4K*
Blackmagic DeckLink
Datapath VisionDVI-DL

*) Note: Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle is not supported!

A second thought must go towards the content. VIOSO Player supports a vast amount of video codecs, but in general the bottleneck is the decoding performance of your PC. Another FAQ entry will deal with recommended codecs for use with VIOSO Player.

If in doubt, make a test on your designated PC system with the content you want to display. We offer a free demo of VIOSO Player, that provides exactly the same performance like a registered version.

Visit to get a demo of VIOSO Player.

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