How does licensing work with VIOSO Player and VIOSO Anyblend ?

Emanuel Züger
2020-01-04 03:40

1. Licensing works per PC

 A license is stored in a license container that is connected with a specific PC. The license contains the number of channels, which represents the maximum number of projectors that can be calibrated from this PC.    

2.  There are two ways of license containers:

  1.  PC-Locked serial: The license comes as a serial key, that is activated on a specific PC. For the activation procedure, internet connection is required. Once activated, the serial key cannot be used on any other PC. The main benefit of a PC-locked license is the instant delivery to the end customers PC. 
  2. USB dongle: The license is stored on a USB key. VIOSO software solutions are operational as long as the USB key is inserted. The main benefit of a USB dongle is that multiple PCs can share the same licensing, though only one PC can be run a VIOSO solution at the same time.      

3.  More answers:

  1.   Is it possible to transfer a PC-locked license to another PC?
    => Yes, see here:   Transfer Anyblend license  or  Transfer Player license
  2.  Can multiple USB keys used, adding their channels?
    => No. Only one USB key is detected at the same time.
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