License not working after activation

Emanuel Züger
2019-05-21 14:11

Performing an activation succeeded, but after restarting the application a licencing error occurs. This is a feedback we receive from time to time. Though we do not know the reason for such a behaviour, we thing that this is something caused by the operating system having shadow copies or caches of certain files or similar technologies.

In most cases, this issue can be solved by deleting the license file and redo the activation. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Write to and request a new activation. Provide the license key in this e-mail.

Continue as soon as you have received the notification, that the license key is ready for another activation.

  1. Close the application.
  2. Locate the license file according the the software you are using (problems to find C:/ProgramData  - See below)
    product Version Path to license file
    VIOSO Player   1.6 C:\ProgramData\VIOSO\VIOSOPlayer\VIOSOPlayerL41_VIOSO.lic
    1.7 C:\ProgramData\VIOSO\VIOSOPlayer\VIOSOPlayerL50_VIOSO.lic
    2.0 C:\ProgramData\VIOSO\VIOSOPlayer\VIOSOPlayerL60_VIOSO.lic
    VIOSO Anyblened  4 C:\ProgramData\VIOSO\Anyblend4\AnyblendL50_VIOSO.lic
    5 C:\ProgramData\VIOSO\Anyblend5\AnyblendL60_VIOSO.lic
    VIOSO Anyblend VR&SIM  4 C:\ProgramData\VIOSO\Anyblend4\AnyblendL50_VIOSOextended.lic
    5 C:\ProgramData\VIOSO\Anyblend5\AnyblendL60_VIOSOextended.lic
  3. Delete the license file.
  4. Start the application again - the license manager should show up again.
  5. Enter the license information and activate again.

Now the license should be persistent.

If you cannot access the folder C:/ProgramData (because this is a hidden folder) than simply enter the path in the Windows Explorer and confirm with ENTER:

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