How to retrieve a "Hardware ID" for licensing?

Emanuel Züger
2017-01-16 13:13

The VIOSO licensing uses specific hardware features to lock a license to a specific PC. This is a similar procedure as used by many other software vendors. Usually, this fact is hidden in the background of a fully automated licensing procedure. However, for troubleshooting or to enable individual features, you might be asked by VIOSO to provide a hardware ID. This is how it is done.

1. Accessing the license viewer

The hardware ID of a PC is retrieved using the license viewer. It is part of VIOSO Anyblend and VIOSO Player.

a) Accessing the license viewer from a running VIOSO program

  • VIOSO Anyblend: Click "License Info" (top right on the application window)
  • VIOSO Player or VIOSO Calibrator: Menu "Help" - "Info about this program" - Click button "License"

b) Accessing the license viewer in case of an error:

  • In case of an error the license management systems displays a message like this (example):
  • Click the "?" icon on the bottom left corner of the message window. This will bring up the licence viewer.


2. Retrieving a hardware ID:

  • Expand the node "Hardware ID"
  • Note the ID that you have been asked to provide (we usually ask to provide ID #13 for Windows systems) 
  • Provide the quested hardware ID or simply send a screenshot of the licence manager window to whoever has requested it


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