Where are license files located (Anyblend, Player)?

Emanuel Züger
2017-01-16 11:36

To ensure a maximum of flexibility in licensing VIOSO's software solutions, VIOSO uses encrypted files, that contain licensing information. There are numerous locations where licensing files can be stored. 

If licensing errors occur, the first and most important information is to know where the license file is stored. Based on that information our support staff usually finds a quick way to resolve such issues. If an application launches, the location of the currently used license file is displayed in the "license manager", which is part of every VIOSO application:

  • VIOSO Anyblend: "License Info"
  • VIOSO Player: Menu "Help" => "Info about this program" => Button "License"

To get the location of the current license file displayed, click on the "plus" next to "System": The information tree expands and shows the file location of the currently used license file.

If the license file cannot be found?

It is valuable to know, how VIOSO applications look for license files. So we disclose in which order certain file system paths are searched for license files:

  1. Searching all USB storage devices (looking for dongle information)
  2. Searching the Application Data Folder, specified in [APPNAME].ini file (e.g. C.\ProgramData\VIOSO\Anyblend)
  3. Searching next to the application.exe
    1. Same folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Anyblend\)
    2. One tier above (e.g. C:\Program Files\Anyblend\SPCalibrator\Spcalibrator.exe => looks in C:\Program Files\Anyblend\)
  4. Searching the public data folder
    1. Same folder (e.g. C:\Users\Publics\Documents\VIOSO\Anyblend)
    2. Sub-folder "Calibration"
    3. Sub-folder ""Export""
    4. Sub-folder "Temp"
    5. Sub-folder "Scripting"
    6. Sub-folder "Content"
    7. Sub-folder "Execute"
  5. Searching folder "C:\AppData"
  6. Searching registry-defined APPDATA folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Shell Folders\Common AppData
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