How do I configure live inputs in Wings RX

Emanuel Züger
2018-10-01 11:44

The use of live inputs (Direct Show) is supported in Wings RX from version 2.3, so please make sure to have updated your server to at least this version.

Live-Inputs are configured by the Wings RX Manager. Learn here how to access the Wings RX Manager.

  • Once you have opened the Wings RX Manager, navigate to IO Settings and expand all servers that have live input hardare
  • Click on each input channel and set it's state to "activate" (right pane)
  • Return to the Wings RX Master application
  • In the Media Pool highlight category Video. Right-click the right section of the Media Pool and select Add video input.
  • If you use several live inputs you need to enter the required video input. Double-click the camera icon of the video input you have just added. You will find the following options in the Properties dialog:
    • Video input: enter the Stream Name of the video input as it is defined in the RX Manager.
    • Aspect Ratio: enter the aspect ratio that corresponds to the input signal.
    Close the dialog by clicking OK.

 These video inputs are now available on the servers where they are physically present. The Wings RX Master application will display a grey rectangle in order to faciliate positioning, rotation, etc.

Handle the live-input in the same way as any other video object.

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