Not able to access license page to enter license key.
error "License check failed" The application will closed.

Dr. Sergey Kovyryalov
2017-05-02 13:47

The error message "License check failed" means that the software cannot find or get access to the license file. 

You can do following steps to solve this issue: 

  1. Check if you have an access to the folder where the license file is located. Sometimes if you logged in as different user, or somebody made some changes on your PC, the software does not have an access to this locations. By default, the license is stored in C:\ProgramData\VIOSO\Anyblend. You can also check other possible location of the lic file, which you can find in this entry:
  2.  If you have found that your license file was moved by any reason, copy it back to default location, reboot and restart the software. 
  3. If all this did not help, perform following steps: 
    1. Back-up your calibration files somewhere (*.sps files) 
    2. Uninstall Vioso software
    3. Remove the folder  C:\ProgramData\VIOSO\
    4.  Install VIOSO software from scratch
    5. Activate your license using acivation key you have got from us.

If none of this tips help please contact our support

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