What is the difference between Anyblend and Anyblend VR&SIM?

Dr. Sergey Kovyryalov
2016-10-19 12:15

Anyblend VR&SIM is a special version with extednded features and possibilities developed for complex tasks  with the integration in different virtual realitz or simulating applications. It has extended integration tools and features like multiclient calibration,  SDK/API, additional pack of plugins ready to use in different application, it is provided with developer support for implementation on site.

For details see the table below

  Feature Vioso Anyblend Vioso Anyblend VR & SIM
Vioso Calibrator autoalignment
color correction
calibration save, load 
calibration export (MIPS, VWF, MPCDI etc)
calibration conversions
display split option
manual calibration
1-click recalibration
Vioso Anyblend windows desktop embedding
Hardware GPU embedding
Vioso Player Video Playback
remote control via TCP or UDP
Playlist edit
Live input display
  Network calibration for IG clusters
frusttrum correction and individual projector prospective support
Tracking devices support
MPCDI export
3D-model based warping and blending
API access
Developer extended support
rFactor pro Plugin
XPlane plugin
Touchdesigner plugin
WorldViz plugin
Silab plugin
Ogre3D plugin
VBS2 plugin


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