What do I need to run Anyblend?

Emanuel Züger
2018-11-12 11:07

The most important requirement for VIOSO Anyblend ist the graphics card of your PC.

Anyblend uses the calibrations made by VIOSO Calibrator and embeds this data directly onto the displaying system. We call this feature hooking. There are different ways for calibration hooking:

  1. Hardware-based hooking.  On this level the warping and blending data is imported directly into graphics processing unit (GPU). This hooking mode requires to use professional series of graphics cards.
  2. Desktop hooking. This embedding mode applies the calibration data onto Windows display configuration. For this mode it is required to have Windows 7 as operation system with Aero Theme activated.
  3. Application hooking. We can provide an  API / plugin for individual applications. Note that this might involve extra coasts for development time. For a list of supported applications click here.

We recommend to go with hardware-based hooking whenever possible.

Desktop hooking without dedicated hardware support is only available on Windows 7!

Our recommendation in a nutshell:

  1. Use NVIDIA Quadro based system whenever possible. This results in the greatest flexibility in number of projectors and supports all use cases. We recommend NVIDIA Quadro M4000 or better, depending on your requirements for 3D rendering power.
  2. If NVIDIA Quadro is not an option, you need to stick with Windows 7 and need to double check if the designated Windows application runs without interfering Windows Aero.

This table shows the capabilites of the different PC configuration that we encounter actually:

graphics card series EDID Emulation
Display spanning GPU hooking technology Desktop hooking* 3D Stereo
screen apps
API / application
plugin **
Supported Operation System supported graphics card
Mosaic NVAPI Win7/Aero Windows 7
Windows 10 (build 1803!)

K5000-K6000  M4000-M6000
Eyefinity D.O.P.P. Win7/Aero Wndows 7
(Windows 10 only via plugins)
Surround Win7/Aero Wndows 7 only all
Eyefinity Win7/Aero Wndows 7 only all
Win7/Aero Wndows 7 only all
All other graphics solutions Win7/Aero Wndows 7 only all

*) Requires Windows 7 and an Aero Theme activated. Does not support native fullscreen applications!

**) Require extra programming / extra cost

 If in doubt, use the free demo version of VIOSO Anyblend and try it on your designated PC configuration. Test it also with the thrd party application you want to use on the blended desktop.

Visit vioso.com/downloads.php to get a demo of VIOSO Anyblend.

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